Stars Stage School

Bring out your 'Inner Star'

Welcome to Stars Stage School...

Please feel free to have a look around our site.

Owner Joanne Mitchell would like to welcome you to Stars Stage School.

Situated in the Young Person's Hall at the Shipley Salvation Army, Rhodes Place, Shipley, BD17 7DL



We have classes for children and adults, so why not discover a talent and hobby that you can enjoy with the whole family.....





                                            Who's Who?

Joanne Mitchell A.I.D.T.A - Principal - Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Amy Simister - Freestyle

Charlotte Rollinson - Saturday Assistant

Poppy Mitchell - Saturday Assistant

Sam Pitts - Saturday Assistant

Alex Musk - Saturday Assistant 

Rebecca Hoddy - Saturday Assistant 

Imogen Airey - Saturday Assistant 

Vicky Rollinson - P.A & Friend to all!